River Revitalization offers opportunities for people to connect with Milwaukee’s urban rivers.  This connection to water and nature is central to our mission of protecting Milwaukee’s rivers. Community members help take care of land, open green space and trails.  This work connects neighborhoods with each other, teaches and encourages safe interactions with urban land and rivers, and helps restore our river systems.


Fostering Our Riparian Biodiversity (FORB) gives people the opportunity to join our land management team in restoration activities along the Milwaukee River. Volunteers meet and work alongside other individuals passionate about the natural world and preserving its integrity! These activities are important for improving the quality and access of the habitat along the Milwaukee River. Check out our calendar for drop in dates and times.

Service Learners

River Revitalization partners with the Institute for Service Learning through University of Wisconsin Milwaukee’s Center for Volunteerism and Student Leadership. This partnership allows students in Conservation and Geography courses to gain experience volunteering in the field while helping us complete important projects that could not be done without their help.

Cream City Conservation and Consulting (CCCC)

Cream City Conservation and Consulting employs local youth in stewardship projects that help revitalize our public green spaces. As part of our Great Lakes Restoration Initiative (GLRI) grant, we contracted with CCCC to hire a crew of 5 individuals to work 30 hours per week, year-round helping to revitalize the Miwaukee River Greenway via invasive species removal, native plantings, trail construction and maintenance.  CCCC also incorporates a professional development component into their program that connects work learned in the field to future opportunities in conservation.

If you would like to contract your own Cream City Conservation Corps please contact August Marie Ball, 414.322.8482.


AmeriCorps National Civilian Community Corps (NCCC) is a federal team-based national service program for men and women between the ages of 18 and 24. Corps Members serve a full-time, ten-month term, working on projects to meet community needs in five main service areas which includes the environment. RRF sponsors an AmeriCorps team for one month wherein they focus their efforts on removing invasive species, planting native species, and building and maintaining trails along Milwaukee's urban rivers.

Earn and Learn

River Revitalization partners with Employ Milwaukee Now's Earn and Learn program. Urban youth work roughly 20 hours a week for seven weeks throughout the summer assisting with habitat restoration along the Milwaukee River. They also learn about ecological principles, watersheds and plant identification. While carrying out restoration projects they also learn transferable soft job skills.

Group Work Days

Establishing a close bond with nature helps create business models that will benefit our natural resources instead of viewing them as a commodity to exploit. In that spirit, each year River Revitalization works collaboratively with over 500 volunteers from local organizations and businesses within the greater Milwaukee area to diligently plant new vegetation, remove invasive species, and help maintain trails.

If you are interested in being physically active while participating in team building experiences which improve our community public spaces please contact our Land Manager, Joanna Demas or 414.271.8000 x 3.